Concrete Refinishing and Sealing

Protect Your Pavement From the Elements

Make it more durable with concrete refinishing and sealing services in Wallkill, NY

Did you know that water and other liquids can cause concrete surfaces to deteriorate? Keep your driveway, sidewalk or patio in excellent condition with the application of a concrete sealer from Impressive Concrete. After washing your concrete, we'll seal it with a clear coat to extend the life of your pavement and improve its performance.

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Why should you seal your concrete?

Why should you seal your concrete?

Impressive Concrete will make your concrete surfaces:

  • More slip-resistant than untreated surfaces
  • Durable and glossy finish, which can brighten up your space
  • Resistant to stains, mildew and damaging UV rays
  • Chemical-resistant, which makes them easier to clean

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