Patio, Deck and Walkway Installations

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Don't Let These Sunny Days Go to Waste

Expand your outdoor living space in Wallkill, NY with a patio installation

If you haven’t been taking advantage of the fabulous weather in Wallkill, NY because you don’t have a suitable outdoor space for enjoying it, it’s time for a patio installation.

Impressive Concrete will build a sturdy new patio where you can:

  • Host a summer barbeque
  • Read that new bestseller
  • Throw a birthday party
  • Have dinner outdoors
  • Watch the sunset

From preparation to completion, we’ll do the job right. Contact us today to get an estimate on your patio installation.

Imagine a scenic stroll through the garden

Imagine a scenic stroll through the garden

Don't forget that the concrete features on your property are just as important for your curb appeal as the plants and trees. With a concrete walkway from Impressive Concrete, you can add dimension to your yard in Wallkill, NY. We'll create a scenic path so you can enjoy strolling through your yard all year long.

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